Breakhouse Studio is a recording facility outside Bergen that has been on the scene since 1997, operated by myself, Stein Inge Braekhus. Having worked as a musician for many years, I´ve been playing on a diverse range of records. I´ve always been interested and focused on how to get the music sound good in the studio. After playing in many different musical situations, and listening to the craft of different musicians and sound engineers over the years, I got the inspiration to establish a recording studio.
When I was working for TV 2 in Bergen in the mid 90´s, I heard they were going to sell their grand piano from their first TV studio. I was lucky enough to become the buyer of their Steinway & Sons Model C grand piano! This great acoustic instrument is maybe the raison d'être for starting up my recording studio in the first instance. Piano samples would never have existed had it not been for the authenticity of such a beautiful thing as a Steinway & Sons grand piano, or indeed, a Bösendorfer. Its as simple as that.
Since then I´ve added a wealth of great microphones, a solid Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel 4 rig and twelve NEVE 1081R mic pre-amps and two channels of the NEVE 1073 DPD mic pre-amps. The latter-mentioned two items is maybe the smartest studio gear one can get, particularly if you want to achieve a good and realistic 'snapshot' of a sound you want people listen to!

Samples from projects that´s released, CD projects
recorded(1), mixed(2) and mastered(3) in Breakouse Studio:

Absolutt Post, Gro-sisten (Live)(1,2,3) / Elle Melle-“Knuste Speil” Tylden & Co(1), Ole Amund Gjersvik-“Milonga Triste” Acoustic Records ACR 9808 (1,2,3) / Ole Jakob Hystad-"Touch Of Time" Gemini Records(1,2,3) / Ivar Kolve-“Ope” NOR CD(1,2,3) / Ivar Kolve-"Innover" Curling Legs(1) / Lars Erik Drevatne-“KeysOn&Off” Acoustic Records(1,2,3) / Rønnaug Foss Alsvik "Bare For Å Se" Bindestreken(1) / Torbjørn Skjold-“Design By Sound” Acoustic Records(1,2,3) / Wenche Gausdal “Den Lille Forskjellen"-Taurus Records TRCD 565 (1,2) / Mandala “Mandala” Acoustic Records(2,3) / Kim Fairchild "All Of Me"Acoustic Records(3) / Cooly Horn "Cooly Horn" Acoustic Records(3) / Combo Tango with Gabriel Rivano and Victor Villadangos plays music by Ole Amund Gjersvik, Acoustic Records(3) / Robert Vennström "Till lands" Acoustic Records(3) / Jim Gordon-"Scenic Tours In The Darkness" Acoustic Records(3) / Andreas Friis Jørgensen-"Berøringer" Acoustc Records(3) / Magne Thormodsæther “Bungalow”(2,3) not released yet / Svein Folkvord´s commissioned music for Vossajazz 2004, “Across”, Vossa Jazz Records(1,2,3) / Bye Bye Blackbird vocalist Tone Lise Moberg´s debut record, released on NORCD(1,2) / Olav Kallhovd Trio "Into The Dream", Acoustic Records(1) / Syndikaina "Younu", Acoustic Records(1,2,3) / Ole Amund Gjersvik-"Circus" Acoustic Records(1,2,3) / SUBTRIO "SUBTRIO"-Too Young To Go Steady Vossa Jazz Records VJ06012-2 (2,3). THE NORWEGIAN FORDS, TNF, release mixed by Bill Schnee in LA and mastered by Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab in Hollywood, CA:TNF-samples!!! (1) / Daniel Amaro, "UNO Y SU CORAZóN" Acoustic Records ACR9829 (1,2,3) / Olav Dale "Dabrhahi " NORCD 0767(1,2,3) / Debut CD with Erik Halvorsen Trio Acoustic Records ACR9831 (3) / Ivar Kolve Trio "View from a room!" Curling Legs CLPCD105 / SUBTRIO feat. Paolo Fresu «Live At Sting» Dravle Records 001 (Musikkoperatørene AS) Bergen Big Band "Som Den Gyldne Sol Frembryter" GRAPPA GRCD4297 (3) / Tore Brunborg "Lucid Grey"(3) DRAVLE RECORDS DRA1003 / Line Horneland "Horneland"(2) NORCD0986 / Lena Skjerdal Trio "Home", smples Say Goodbye and The Shape Of A Woman (1) NORCD0984. / Guitarist Wayne Brasel´s CD release "Stavanger Songs", sample: Waltz For Mette(2). / Three tunes from guitarist Phil Mc Dermott Quintet´s first solo release "Now" featuring saxohpnist Tore Brunborg and pianist Erlend Slettevold, check out McDermott´s composition Mostar and the two old standard tunes Darn That Dream and the composition If of the band Bread, PMCD Record(2). "Mazurka Remaking Chopin", Nils Henrik Asheim & Gjertrud´s Gypsy Orchestra, LAWO CLASSICS LWC 1016 (1), winner of the Norwegian Grammy Award 2011 for contemporary music.

Latest news from Breakhouse Studio:

Samples from projects that´s under production and CD projects
recorded(1), mixed(2) and mastered(3) in Breakouse Studio:

Upcoming CD release with composer and vocalist Daniel Amaro, link with the composition: De Repente El Amor(1,2) / Tanzanian Sky, a result of inter-cultural callobaration between the University Of Stavanger(UIS), Department of Music and Dance and Tasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) in Tanzania, Africa, NOTA. Here is two samples from the upcoming CD release featuring saxophonist Tor Yttredal and Grammy Winner 2010, singer and maestro of the kalimba, Anania Ngoriga, here a sample from the upcoming release: Maulidi´s Riff(2,3) and Intro Måne & Sol, ngoma tradition,(1,2) / Upcoming release with The Norwegian Fords mixed by Bill Schnee: Wonder What It Takes (1).



Digidesign Pro Tools HD 4 Accel (HD Core card with three DSP HD Accel-card
Two Digidesign 192 I/O AD/DA interface, 32 AD inputs totally, converters
Pro Tools TDM 8.0.1 audio/midi software

Logic Pro 9 audio/midi software

Nuendo 4 audio/midi software

Mac G5 Dual Processor 2 Ghz med 6Gb RAM og DVD-R/CD-RW
(Back up to 5,2GB pr. DVD-R.)
6 TB hard disk space
Two 19” Samsung LCD monitor screens.
EXABYTE Back Up Streamer, format: 8mm data cartrige, back up system med kapasitet på inntil 7.4 GB per 160m 8mm data cartrige.

Extra TDM plug ins added to the Pro Tools 8.0.1 software:
Altiverb 6 / Antares Avox Punch / Antares Auto Tune 5 / Antares Avox Choir / TC Tools / Digidesign Bruno™ Reso™ / Digidesign D-Fi ™/ Digidesign Hybrid / Digidesign Impact™ / Digidesign Maxim™ / Digidesign Reverb One™ / Digidesign Smack™ / Digidesign ReVibe / Digidesign Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor / Eventide H949 / Eventide H300 Band Delays / Eventide Utlra Channel / Line 6 Amp Farm / Line 6 Echo Farm / Focusrite D2 / D3 Bundle / Aural Exiter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle / Metro Halo´s Channel Strip / Drawmer Dynamics / Sony Oxford EQ / Trillium Lane Labs TL Space TDM / McDSP M2000 & FilterBank / Massenburg DesignWorks Hi-Res Parametric EQ 2.0 / Wave Mechanics Sound Blender & Speed / Waves Platinum Bundle 5.9.7 / .........................

Software instruments: Structure Professional Sampler Workstation by Digidesign / Spectrasonics Stylus 1.5 plus all software instruments featured in Logic Pro 8

NEVE 1081R, 12 channel microphone pre-amp, 8 channels of the 1081 mono module
and 4 channels of the Air Monserrat mono modul mic. pre amps.
NEVE 1073DPD Dual Mic Pre with A/D Converters

Two ORAM Octasonic+ microphone pre amplifiers, 16 channels total.
Ridge Farm Industries Gas Cooker Mk2 tube direct/line box
Tube Tech CL 1 B compressor
Tube Tech MP 1 A two channels DI/microphone pre amplifier.
Mackie 1640i Onyx, mixing console, distribution for headset-mixes .

Sound equipment for mixing and mastering: Respons Artist 2, Respons Grand Limited Edition 2008 with a pair of Response 12" sub woofers and Response Grand D, powered with a Audio Research Ref 210 and VT200 Stereo Power Amplifiers and Audio Research Ref 3 Vacum Tube Line-Stage Preamplifier, Audio Research Reference CD7 Vacuum Tube Compact Disc Player.


Behringer HA 903 Headphone Amplifier for individual monitor programs, 4 totally.
3 pcs. TASCAM DA 88, 8 tracks 16 bit digital DTRS format, recording machines.

1 pcs. Brauner VM 1 S (Stereo tube mic.)
2 pcs. Brauner VM 1 (Tube microphone)

2 pcs. AKG C12VR (Tube microphone)
2 pcs. matched pair of Neumann Gefell PM750 (Made in GDR) condenser mics

2 pcs. Neumann U 87

1 pcs. Neumann KM184
3 pcs. AGK 414 TL II

2 pcs. AKG C414B-XL II (Matched pair.)
2 pcs. EARTHWORKS (Matched pair.)

1 pcs. Electro Voice RE20

1 pcs. Crown PZM-30GPG
4 pcs. Shure SM 98 A
1 pcs. Shure SM 91 A
1 pcs. Shure SM VP 88 Stereo mic
1 pcs. Shure SM 7
1 pcs. Shure SM 57
1 pcs. Shure Beta SM 57
1 pcs. Shure SM 58
3 pcs. Bruel & Kjaer 4011
1 pcs. Audio Technica AT 4050/CP5
1 pcs. CAD E-100

Musical instruments:
Steinway & Sons Small Concert Grand - Model C (Hamburg only):
Serial number: 521519 Instrument of Hamburg Manufactured build in 1991.
Fender Rhodes Suit Case Model 73, electric piano.
Wurlitzer A-200 elektronisk-piano.

Sequential Serquits Prophet T8

Oberheim Expander

2 pcs.Yamaha TX816

Korg M1

Korg M1R

Korg Prophecy
Korg Triton Pro X synth/sampler 88 weighted keys.
Korg TR-Rack rack version of Trinity model.
Roland TR-808 drum machine
Forat 9000 (Linn 9000 drum computer/midi sequenser/8 bit “grunch” sampler)

ddrum 4se with pads and separate triggering system for acoustic drums.
Plus percussion gear as congas, bata drums, djembes, udu drums plus a lot of

ambient percussion gear.



Ampeg B15R Tube Portaflex Flip Top Combo Amplifier (100 Watts, 1X15 in.)

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 1X12 Classic WideBody Combo

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 2X12 Classic WideBody Combo



Breakhouse Studio

co/Stein Inge Braekhus
P. Box 105

5200 Os, Bergen
Phone: +4791317596